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The Process

Guitar building perfection

We take great pride in even the smallest details of every Bayou Guitar. We find it imperitive to have our hands on every step of the guitar-building process.... 

During our milling process, we look for the perfect slab to create each Bayou Guitar. These slabs are ultimately cut into "blanks" to make each body, neck, and fretboard to our perfect specifications. These specs include grain, density, and symmetry among other things assuring a finished product that meets our standard of Heritage, Excellence, and Beauty.

Sinker Cypress Guitars
7% to 8% moisture content

With Louisiana Sinkers, it is very important to make sure that the moisture content of each blank is 7% to 8%. We accomplish this with our in-house kiln and pinless measuring system. A pinless moisture meter is the best option instead of electrical probes that could damage the surface of the wood. Pinless meters have an electromagnetic sensor that rests on the flat surface of the wood which is the safest and most accurate way to assure each blank is ready to be cut.

Our Luthiers are artisans of the highest quality with decades of guitar building experience. They have built guitars by hand for years using blank wood as their canvas to create beautiful musical instruments. They also understand in this day and age, consistency and the highest level of manufacturing standards are best achieved through technology. Our 5 Axis CNC routers and saws ensure that every Bayou Guitar is manufactured to exact specifications, or it does not leave our factory. The final stages of sanding, finishing and assembly are then overseen by our team of Master Luthiers ensuring our standards of Heritage, Excellence and Beauty are met before packaging and shipping take place. 

Artisans that honor technology
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