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Inspired from a young age by so many guitar greats of the 70s and 80s, Mike became obsessed with music. After getting his first guitar at age 13 he never looked back. Mike joined his first band at 19 and hit the ground running by playing all over the US and touring Europe as well. He studied with G.I.T. greats Joel Gregoire and Grant Johnson in Texas. His pursuit of tone, technique, and feel helped shape him into a well-rounded player stylistically drawing from the Blues, Hard Rock, Metal, and Worship genres. " It has been a dream come true to design a guitar with such a great team. "I want every player out there, new or seasoned to enjoy this amazing workhorse that we have crafted"!


Mike MacSherry (President)

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Rick Wilson  Head Luthier

Rick Wilson (Head Luthier)

Rick started building custom guitars in the early 90s and started selling direct to the public in 2002 from a small workshop located in White Bluff Tennessee. He has worked on teams at Gibson building guitars for the likes of Chet Atkins, Guns and Roses, and Metallica. Despite this, his artisan craftsmanship always drew him towards crafting ideas he simply could not get out of his head. Rick is the founder of Moonshine Guitars where he created incredible instruments through following his passion for playing the bass. He has since joined forces with Bayou Guitars bringing a wealth of passion and experience to this new brand. Simply put, Rick is dedicated to dreaming up and making the finest stringed instruments on the planet. With over 35 years of design and luthiery experience, Rick is still going strong and excited to lead this team in producing the world's best guitars.

John Peters IV (Tech Design Engineer)

A self proclaimed tech nerd, John Peters IV is a multifaceted professional who seamlessly moves from architecture to mechanical engineering. John excels in crafting custom designed circuit boards for tube amps and, computer boards for CNC machines. More recently John had has used his passion for coding in helping organizations with blockchain development. As the technical design expert for Bayou Guitars, his commitment to percission and relentless drive for perfection embodies the Heritage, Excellence and Beauty we build into every Bayou Guitar.

John Peters Chief Technician
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