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Sourced Materials

Sinker Cypress Guitars

Guitar builders look for durable wood with particular tone and sound qualities that will capture the heart and soul of a musical generation. Why would we use lumber like Sinker Cypress or LIVE OAK? At Bayou Guitars we use rare, hard-to-harvest, and sometimes even *endangered species to which we have exclusive access. This wood is not readily available around the world, however in South Louisiana, we have access to these rare beauties growing on the banks of our Bayous and Swamps. Occasionally these trees fall into our waterways due to *hurricanes or *coastal erosion where they lie silently on the bottom for hundreds or even thousands of years. When excavated from these waterways, the result is a unique quality material possessing a heritage, tone, and beauty unlike anywhere else in the world. Each Bayou Guitar comes with a Certificate of Authenticity describing the history of the bayou from which it was harvested. Special Editions will also include the age of the wood on the Certificate of Authenticity. There are a lot of amazing guitars that we have loved and played over the years, but there is simply no other guitar on the planet like a Bayou Guitar.

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