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Only 500 of the Zephyr models will be built in 2024. The neck design and finish on this guitar are a shredder's dream. We continually get feedback on how easy it is to play on the top frets and how there is no loss of tone or quality in the upper registers. Weighing only seven pounds this thing is super comfortable for extended gigs and playing time. The stainless steel components, laser etching on the neck plate, and vibrant grey with black finish give the Zephyr a contemporary look that makes it stand out in a crowd. 

The Zephyr $2900

SKU: 001
  • The Zephyr is made from dark-figured Sinker Cypress that was harvested after being buried for hundreds of years 10 feet beneath the silt of the Louisiana Delta. It was pulled from Bayou Bienvenue just east of the Mississippi River. The fretboard was then crafted from Black Walnut that was also rescued from the depths of Bienvenue. Its name is taken from Louisiana lore that speaks of Greek Mythology and the God who controls the western winds.

    Seymour Duncan:

    Bridge pickup: JB SH-4

    Neck pickup: Jazz SH-2n

    Custom Black nickel pole pieces

    Custom Brass Logo Neck Plates

    Custom Brass Tone Knobs


    3D-6 Black Chrome Roller Bridge

    S Lock-M strap locks 


    PRL-9721 staggered locking tuners

    100% Bone Nut

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